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Furniture Packages

Adore Lifestyles recognises that truly excellent interior design can elevate a moderately desirable property to a blue-chip investment that appeals to the most discriminating buyers. We identified a gap, whereby the developer and the property investor’s needs in this regard were not being met.

We specialise in accelerating project sales for significant residential developments by offering turn-key furniture package solution for the developer. We assist the developer by creating distinct value and convenience for the buyer (i.e. increased rental return on investment and significantly improved marketability of their property)

The process begins with a design brief that analyses function, flow, space and light, while also exploring any opportunity to improve or extend the existing footprint through the intelligent manipulation of internal architecture.

Specifying Finishes

Our world class designers are responsible for working one-on-one with architects and developers to produce interior documents and project manuals, and to select and specify finishes, furnishings and accessories. Furthermore our business is fully equipped for purchasing, overseeing operations between vendors and warehouses, and final installation. Our interior designs are target and market specific to each project.

Each individual project is comprised of a vast selection of carefully selected materials focusing on increasing the property value whilst keeping costs low.

Our designers are seasoned travellers and we can source the latest international trends and product ranges by leveraging our excellent global supplier relationships and friendships. This ensures your development is contemporary and in sync with your buyers increasingly discerning demands…

Home Staging

We provide custom show homes that demonstrate exactly how good your properties look once lived in. With our wealth of knowledge and years of experience we create beautiful interiors from concept to completion creating effective solutions for show homes.

Renowned for our eye to detail and a unique ability to cater for any style and budget without compromising on quality and service

Need Marketing?

We have formed the perfect partnership with top estate agents and development marketers that ensure your development will get the best to work with within your budget.