ADORE Lifestyles are a furniture package supply company almost exclusively servicing the property developer and property investors. We are a vertically integrated company with all aspects of design, procurement, manufacturing and installation being controlled in house.

We identified a demand whereby the developer and also the property investor’s commercial needs were not being met which we set out to change. We pride ourselves having pioneered much ground in making developments in South Africa one of the savviest investment markets that embrace the commercial benefits of a fully-furnished apartment to the rental market.

Our bread and butter are suburban and city residential developments in major metropolis across South Africa. These areas typically attract the highest demand for fully-furnished apartments by corporates and investors who want to access to the buy to let market.

We are also involved in the holiday apartments in towns and cities or where rental apartments are in high demand.

First and foremost, it is the per annum return on investment. There is nothing we have seen that outweighs what a quality investor furniture package can do to increase that return. We often say we are not only in the business of selling packages but also selling units by creating a desired lifestyle.

A significant increase in monthly rental return is the obvious benefit.  Not to be overlooked though, is the heightened rentability or the apartment/unit. (e.g. if 30 % of city or suburban apartments has a high corporate demand for furnished apartments, then being part of that 30% of investors within a development to offer a furnished product to the market, your investment will be rented promptly and provide you with a  return almost immediately. – So you get higher and quicker rental returns on your investment!

Too often we see city and suburban developments with little or no furnished stock sit vacant for many months. It is critical for property managers to run an effective marketing campaign to promote furnished stock and also to have the correct balance of furnished apartments ready to go immediately.

It’s no secret that apartment floor plates have decreased over the last 10 years and fair enough when everything in the world is becoming more compact and design as a whole is becoming more intelligent. As an example, TV’s are now slimline thus a narrower entertainment unit only is required. Bed heads are used with ensembles in lieu of the bulky bedframe, and a smart way of creating the illusion of more space is to use armless chairs and glass for tables. The dimensions of our inventory have decreased across the board without diminishing functionality.

Our design team gets inspiration, new ideas and keeps up to date with latest trends by attending many design shows and exhibitions worldwide. They are also heavily involved in our products overall functionality and longevity – as this is fundamental for all of our clients.

For our furniture packages, we firstly use the developments exterior and interior finishes to begin the package design process – also considering the Clients Marketing and Branding push, along with their target demographic. We then create a design concept to best enhance the interior schemes and design features of the project ensuring a finished product tailored to each space.

It depends on the type of project as well as the level of a project we are working on and also how much time we have to complete an installation. It is not uncommon for us to use 10 different suppliers from several continents across the globe, for the one project.