What property developers need to know about interior design

What property developers need to know about interior design

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There are many people who have successfully become property developers over the past decade, but often they do not realize that they could be overlooking a major way of increasing the value and saleability of the properties on their books, so here it is, what property developers need to know about interior design:

Interior design is not simply about making a property look ‘pretty’ or ‘stylish’ or ‘finished’. It is not just about putting furniture and pictures and soft furnishings that you as the developer like, or can get the best costings for into your property to complete it.

Interior design actually paves the way for giving the potential buyer a glimpse into the dream lifestyle that they wish to purchase. By igniting their imagination and evoking their emotional sales response, interior design allows you, the property developer to make your development show home stand out and thus get speedy sales.

Property developers may shy away from the added expense that an interior design package may bring to a build, little realizing that it could actually be the key to satisfying the high expectations of the potential buyers.

Interior design does not have to mean blowing the budget just to make a point within a show home. Designers know where it is important to spend a little more and where not to, and know all the best places to buy from, and at what point on the timeline of the development, so will actually save you time and money on site in the long run.

Interior design can actually elevate a moderately desirable property into a far more attractive prospect to potential buyers because it allows creative use of dimensions, lighting, furnishings and so on to really show off a space to its most appealing for the target buyer.

By working closely with the property developer an interior designer can determine exactly who the development is aimed at attracting as a buyer, pull together colour schemes, styles, and furnishings along with simple eye-catching details that create a look that really alludes to the perfect property. You know as a developer when this has happened when someone buys the show home fully furnished and completed.

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