Interior furnishing trends for 2017

Interior furnishing trends for 2017

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As every landlord knows, furnished properties rent more quickly and for those that are furnished on trend and to a high standard, the rental value often increases too. I regularly attend design industry talks and events (as does the team) so our furniture packages are design-led and on-trend. Decorex autumn/winter 2017/18 was a good example. Colour Hive introduced next year’s big four: Sentient, Punk, Dream and Grace. Here’s a sneak peak into what’s trending. Our designers is already at working incorporating these trends into our upcoming collections.


Technology forms a significant part in our day-to-day lives and this trend gives us some insight into how our homes could look in the future. The scheme features cooler colours, high-shine materials and metallic finishes. There is a feeling of luxury; that the technology makes our lives more efficient so there is more time to enjoy our time at home.


This celebrates freedom and self-expression through our home’s decor. Multiple materials, colours, textures and prints are layered in a playful and individual way. For a landlord however, a property that has too much character may not appeal to many tenants who like the opportunity to add something of their own personality. That’s why the team at In-Style have cleverly used elements of the trend to create a design-led project that will appeal to all.


Dream’s theme is one of whimsy and romance. Tones of white and blue evoke a feeling of sky, while transparent materials such as glass evoke a sense of water. In the furnishing project pictured, the design team created this same sense of space and air. The Perspex dining table looks like frozen water, the soft furnishings in shades of blue and grey look like cloudy skies and the hall mirrors shine like dew drops in the morning sun.


Finally, this is a celebration of the quality and the skill of traditional craftsmanship. Textiles with warm, natural hues in an interior bring a sense of luxury as this furnishing project shows. It cleverly remains neutral but it has character, it looks practical and comfortable at the same time. Geometric prints and patterns on soft furnishings are perfect for this trend adding a stylistic twist and really livening up a neutral scheme. For a tenant, a property that looks neutral yet warm and welcoming is a must, but one that also looks trendy and fun will have the edge.

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